About Student Schedules and Registration

6th-12th grade are placed and scheduled into their next year’s courses in an aim to meet graduation requirements and credit requirements to graduate from ICS and the Lake Washington School District. There are multiple times at which we do registration at ICS:


The beginning is in February when students gain registration information from counselors and administration and begin to choose their courses for the next school year. 8th-12th grade students sign-up for courses through the High School and Beyond Plan: Career Cruising program. 6th and 7th grade students are scheduled by our office staff. Once students register in February their preferences are locked in until September.


The only schedule changes we do in at the beginning of the school year are for:

• Students who were placed in the incorrect level of a course
• Students who are missing a class needed for graduation requirements (I.e. Humanities, I.S., etc.)
• To accommodate an IEP/504 plan

No schedule changes are made on registration day unless previously scheduled with Ms. Cummings, our Academic and College/Career Counselor. All schedule changes can be requested the first two weeks of school after camp/summit.


January marks the end of second semester. This is a time where some students may choose to make changes to their schedule if needed for graduation or other circumstances.

Registration & Picture Day 2019

A wise person once said, "Start as you plan to continue." Come to registration prepared!

Registration & Picture Day is Wednesday, August 28th, 2019.

Each grade has an assigned time to come and submit forms, get pictures taken, and pick up student IDs. It will take less than an hour as long as you bring your filled-in forms (see below) and your checkbook. 

Times (note: times may be subject to change, please double check in August):
8:30 am - 6th grade | 9:30 am - 7th grade | 10:30 am - 8th grade |11:30 am - 9th grade | 12:00 pm - 10th grade | 12:30 pm - 11th grade | 1 pm - 12th grade

If you are unable to make your grade's assigned time, you can come at 1:30 pm which is open to all grades.

Registration Forms

Download the following forms, fill them out, and bring the completed forms to Registration Day:

  • 2018-19 registration forms (for all students) *Updated 8/22 to remove Spanish fees for 6th grade
  • 2018 Camp Cispus forms (for 6-8th graders)

    The Camper Info Form, Permission Slip, and Check for payment should be filled out and returned to ICS at registration on August 29th, 2018. Please follow all directions carefully for submission of these documents. We need permission slips prior to the start of school to ensure your student has the opportunity to attend camp. If you cannot get your forms in by the registration date, please contact the camp advisor. Contact information provided in forms. 

    Hey parents/guardians! We are incorporating a new event into our Camp Cispus experience called Choice Night! Please read the Camper Info form before opening the survey file below. All surveys will need to be filled out by your students. Choice Night will give your students the opportunity to participate in three planned activities. Students will mark the top five activities they are most interested in and we will do our best to place them in some of their choices. There is not guarantee that students will receive all preferences, but we will do our best to accommodate all interests. Here's the link: Survey

  • 2018 Student Summit forms (for 9-12th graders) 



Student Handbook

ICS Student Handbook

Including Middle and High School Students Rights & Responsibilities


  • LWSD Laptop Agreement Form -- new versions for middle and high school are in the Registration forms packet.
  • LWSD Laptop Handbook--available on the LWSD Technology Page (Please be aware of laptop repair costs on p. 5 and insurance options on p. 6.)

Yearbook - Senior Ads

Go here to order & pay for senior ads in the 2019 Yearbook: <coming soon>.

Order School Pictures Online

Be ready for Registration and Picture Day on Wednesday, August 28. 

Order your pictures online at Lifetouch. Code for Picture Day ID: LS119010Q1 

For more information download the flyer from Lifetouch.


Parent Portal

Go to PowerSchool, Skyward Gradebook, Payments, etc.

You can pay for school fees, yearbook, music, graduation, and ASB online on the Parent Portal. Choose Online Payments. If you pay online, please bring a printed receipt to show at registration.