Attendance Guidelines

All absences must be verified by a parent or guardian. To Report your student's absence, late arrival, or early dismissal, 
please email or call the Attendance Hotline at 425-936-2381 within 24 hours to verify an absence. 
Please leave: Your student's full name, date(s) absent, reason for the absence, expected arrival time if late, expected departure time if leaving early, and your name.
The student may also bring a note to the Student Services Office before school or upon return to school. 
Notes must include the student's full name, date(s) absent, reason for absence, and the signature of a parent or guardian.

Late Arrival
If your student arrives late to school, they must check in at the Student Services Office for an admit slip.

Early Dismissal
If your student will be leaving school early, they must see Ms. Ruiz in the student services office before school. 
Ms. Ruiz will provide your student an early dismissal pass for the teacher. The student must sign out in the Student Services 
Office before leaving the building. They can then meet a parent outside by the main entrance. If the student returns to school, 
they must check in at the Student Services Office. They will be given a pass back to class. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds at any time without permission from the Students Services Office.

Pre-Arranged Absences
In the event of a family need or emergency that will require a student to miss 2 days or more of school, the student must 
complete the Extended Absence Form, that is available in the student services office. Please complete the Extended Absence 
and notify teachers at least one week in advance.

Important: If you were marked absent or late by a teacher and would like to discuss this, please talk to the teacher that marked you absent or late---not the attendance office