Transcript Requests

Current students may fill out a Transcript Request Form located on the bulletin board near the Health/Nurse’s Office in the Student Services office. Please fill out a request and slip it into the brown folder. Transcripts usually take 1-3 school days to prepare depending on the type of transcript you need, so please plan ahead. Students will need to check-in with Ms. Austin at the Student Services front desk for transcript pick-up after a request has been received. You will not be notified when it is ready. For types of transcripts, see below.

  • Official – Transcript is signed, stamped, and sealed in an envelope to make it formal and show that it comes straight from your high school. Colleges, summer programs, volunteer programs, etc. may request an official copy of your transcript. If you request an official copy, please do not open it.
  • Unofficial – Printed hard copy of your transcript. 
  • Emailed Unofficial -  A PDF copy of your unofficial transcript sent to your email address. 

Former students may email their request to Ms. Sue Austin at 
Please include your date of graduation, full name, and scanned copy of your photo ID.