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Message from Youth Eastside Services






ICS’s Behavioral Health Support Specialist
(425) 747-4937, x2719

Greetings ICS Students and Families,
My name is Cora Goss-Grubbs, and I am your returning Youth Eastside Services counselor. I’m so happy to be back with you all this year, and want to welcome any new students and families to the school. Below is information about how to contact me, services I provide, and a little bit about myself. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns as we begin a new school year!

How to Contact Cora:

  • Call (425) 747-4937, ext. 2719, enter the extension any time during the greeting and leave a message with your name, phone number, school, and a good time to call back. I will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Email
  • Tell your school counselor or teacher you’d like to meet with me and I will reach out to you.

What’s a Behavioral Health Support Specialist?

  • Lake Washington School District partners with Youth Eastside Services to provide mental health support through education and prevention within schools.
  • I am a co-occurring counselor, with credentials as both a Licensed Social Work Associate & Independent Clinical (LSWAIC) and a Substance Use Disorder Professional in Training (SUDPT). This means I can work with students and families on issues related to both mental health and substance use.
  • I can provide many services, including:
    • Confidential one-on-one support for students experiencing depression, anxiety, substance use, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, abuse and trauma (including ongoing racialized trauma), cultural and gender identity exploration, loss and grief, relationship challenges, and more.
    • Group counseling that addresses common issues such as Coping with COVID, anxiety, depression, cultural and gender identity exploration, etc.
    • Support for caregivers through one-on-one phone calls or meetings, groups & PTSA presentations
    • Educational resources - classroom talks, webinars, & newsletter articles

More Stuff About Cora

  • I received an MSW from the University of Washington in 2019.
  • I have a variety of experience working with adolescents in schools & in the community.
  • I use a collaborative approach, focusing on student strengths and increasing their emotional awareness and capacity for solving the challenges they encounter. 
  • The services I provide are evidence-based, trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive.
  • King George, the peacock pictured above, has been a wild resident of my neighborhood for over 15 years, and visits my chickens every day in spring. 

Crisis Resources
My contact information is not meant to be used in a crisis. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or currently suicidal and cannot keep yourself (or your child) safe, please call 911, Crisis Connections at 206-461-3222, or text HOME to 741741.

Note for Students under age 13 

Per Washington State Minor Consent Law, students 12 years and younger need parent permission to meet with me. You can briefly check-in with me once to plan on getting consent, or have your parents available to give verbal consent. 

Teen Mental Health First Aid Training @ ICS

This year, ICS is teaming with Youth Eastside Services to implement the Teen Mental Health First Aid training program (tMHFA) with our 10th grade students. tMHFA is an in-person training for high school students to learn about mental illnesses, including how to identify and respond to a developing mental health or substance use problem among their peers. Students learn a 5-step action plan to help their friends who may be facing a mental health problem or crisis and highlights the important step of involving a responsible and trusted adult. Our presenters/trainers will be Michelle Brode, a Behavioral Health Support Specialist from Youth Eastside Services, and Morgan Lipe, LWSD Student Services Specialist.

To learn more, check out the Teen Mental Health First Aid presentation on YouTube.

Teen Mental Health First Aid Resource List

Dealing with social isolation (video by Cora)

Healthy Well-Being Resources

General Health Resources

ReachOut: ReachOut is run by the Inspire USA Foundation, a non-profit organization. Its mission is to help young people lead happier lives.

Washington School-Based Health Alliance: School-based health centers are emerging in Washington State and across the country as an effective way to deliver consistent, high-quality primary health care and mental health services to children and adolescents.

Frontiers of Innovation is an initiative “committed to driving transformative change for young children whose needs are currently not being met. Adverse experiences can derail children’s healthy development, creative learning, behavior, and health challenges …”

Suicide Prevention and Resources

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Survivor Outreach Program

Signs of drug and alcohol use and the effects:
Grief Grief resource for parents, school officials, and students

Youth Empowerment Strategies and support for ADHD and LD

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Resources for Mental Health, Student and Family Supports, Crisis Supports, and more.