Running Start

What is Running Start?

Running Start is a program in which 11th & 12th graders who qualify may enroll in college level courses at local colleges (such as Bellevue College) and earn high school and college credit concurrently. Lake Washington School District pays the college tuition for up to 15 credits per quarter and offers the opportunity for students to be students at ICS and the school of choice. For more detailed information about the program, cost, process, please review the Running Start Agreement (link coming soon).

The ICS high school counselor will start meeting with students after course requests/registration ends. Please review information on this page and start the enrollment process with your college before reaching out to your counselor.  Please view presentation here (link coming soon).

Step 1: Research
Research your options, review the ICS presentation and attend an ICS information session. Select your Running Start program and start enrollment process directly through the school.

Links to local colleges:

Step 2: Enroll
Complete the enrollment and placement process for your chosen college. See Local Running Start Programs and Registration Dates for information about each schools requirements and process

Step 3: Meet
Schedule a meeting with the ICS high school counselor. In the meeting we will review:

  1. Review ICS High School Running Start Agreement and expectations.
  2. Remaining graduation credits, placement for Math and English
  3. Complete the RSEVF

Running Start Information Sessions for the
2023-24 School Year

Location - ICS Library

  • Time/Date: TBD


A Note from Bellevue College

Dated: 1/12/2024

In recent months we have experienced a significant increase in aggressive acts by students and parents towards staff and instructors.  The level of aggressive acts is far above what we have seen in the past and is cause for serious concern.

Some students and parents are refusing to accept answers provided by instructors and staff.

Please communicate with all staff and instructors at Bellevue College in a mature non-threatening manner. 

  • The running start students need to follow the same rules and regulations that all Bellevue College students follow. 
  • Choosing to do running start is a choice not a requirement. 
  • College coursework is faster paced.   Many students who are an A student in high school may not earn A's at the college level. 
  • Each course syllabus needs to be carefully reviewed.  
  • Late work is almost never allowed by the instructors – do not expect approval if asked. 
  • Check the academic calendar each quarter for all important dates – this will include information like last day to enroll and last day a student may drop a class. 

All post-secondary education students are subject to FERPA regulations.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that any educational institution administered by the U.S. Secretary of Education must follow. This act is about protecting student privacy by not releasing grades or other personal information to anyone but the student.  

Under FERPA, instructors cannot communicate with anyone but the student about the student’s course work or grades.  This is a federal law to which Bellevue College must legally adhere. It does not matter if the student is a minor and a Running Start student; all students taking college courses are considered adults and FERPA applies to all. 

Parents cannot schedule conferences with the instructor, file a grade appeal on a student’s behalf, or communicate details about a grade appeal or complaint. The student is responsible for all communication regarding course work, grades, and appeals or complaints.

Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind about FERPA and instructor-parent communication: 

  • Instructors and other college staff cannot communicate with parents about a student’s educational records in person, via email, or by phone. 
  • Grade appeals and student complaints must be handled by the student and communicated by the student to the instructor, department chair, or dean. 
  • Parents should not come to the instructor’s classroom or office in hopes of discussing a student’s work.

We appreciate you participating in the Running Start program at Bellevue College. We want our community to be safe which includes students, staff and instructors.

If you have any questions, we ask you to submit your questions about this message directly to Linda Kepler: