Graduation Requirements

ICS Graduation Requirements Overview

Physical Education - P.E.

Physical Education - P.E.

Students in the Lake Washington School District need to complete 1.5 credits of P.E. during high school. Because ICS does not offer P.E. classes, we offer alternative options to meet this requirement. 

  • Option #1: Fitness Knowledge Assessment (Written Test): 11th and/or 12th grade
  • Option #2: Fitness Plan (Written): 11th and/or 12th grade
  • Option #3: Online P.E. classes (1.5 credits): Ongoing availability

Options #1 and #2: The majority of our students choose to complete the P.E. credit requirements through a Fitness Test or a Fitness Plan. Students can choose which they would like to complete and can switch if they decide the one they chose isn't right for them. The Test and Plan are only available in 11th and 12th grade. 

Fitness Test:  A test administered to students where they will demonstrate knowledge of physical education and its applications in the real world. Students use a study guide to learn physical education concepts and skills and then complete the test on a pre-planned date at their high school. 

Fitness Plan: A student created exercise plan to demonstrate knowledge of P.E. concepts and the ability to carry-out physical fitness skills in the real world. Students use study materials to work on the Plan and submit on a pre-planned date to 

Guidelines and Process

  • Both the Plan and the Test each have three sections and students must pass all three sections to complete the requirement. If students do not pass all sections, they will need to retest or resubmit the sections they didn't pass. 
  • By completing the Test or Plan, students at ICS are "waiving" their need to complete P.E. classes in high school. They are, in a sense, testing out of having to complete this district requirement. Completion will show as a "P" on a student's transcript. If a student does not pass the Plan or Test, scores will NOT be recorded on their transcript. The score will only be displayed when a student passes. 
  • Students will have three opportunities to take the Test or complete the Plan during their 11th grade year and three opportunities during their 12th grade year (six opportunities total). Students can take either option as many times as they need until they pass.
  • 11th grade students are required to try either the Plan or Test at least once during 11th grade. Students do not need to fill out the Appendix E form for the Fitness Test or Plan at this time and can just check the box saying they completed it on the Plan document as needed. 
  • Test dates can be found on the LWSD website and are usually in October, December, and February of each academic year. 

Fitness Plan and Assessment documents for Juniors and Seniors can all be found on the LWSD website through the link below. We recommend students wait to start this requirement until August of their 11th grade year.

Option #3: Alternatively, if students do not want to complete a Test or Plan, they can also take 1.5 credits of P.E. online to meet the graduation requirement, per principal approval of specific courses. Often credits will come in 0.5 increments so it will most often take three P.E. classes to meet the requirements. Please see Ms. Cummings if this option is of interest. As a side note, sports do not fulfill the Physical Education school district graduation requirements.

Health (For students in the class of 2020-21)

Health (For students in the class of 2020 - 2021)

The Lake Washington School District requires that students complete 0.5 credits (one semester) of Health Education. There are multiple options to complete the Health graduation requirements while attending ICS. 

  • ICS Health Online: Students may take Health through a LWSD online class for a period of their school day during either 11th or 12th. Those who choose this option will need an available period in their school day for class placement. Students take Health for one semester and then can take on a T.A. position (Teacher’s Assistant) for the other semester. If interested, students must sign-up in February during registration. – $0
  • WANIC: Students can take the health course at the LW Tech: WANIC Skill Center in Kirkland during the summer. This is an in-class option where students go to class and work with a teacher. Sign-ups are usually in April annually. – $50 
  • Online Health (Outside of ICS)*: Students can take the class through an online program outside of ICS and the district. This can be a flexible option where students can do it at their own pace and work on it anytime during high school. - $150+ (Online Programs – Red Comet, Keystone School, BYU, etc.)
  • Summer School Health: Students can take it at through the district summer school. – $450

*Please see Ms. Cummings if you are considering taking the course outside of ICS. 

Occupational Education - Occ. Ed.

Occupational Education 

Students need 1.0 credit of Occupational Education (Occ. Ed.) during high school to graduate. Quite a few of our courses offer Occ. Ed. credit including Film Analysis, AP Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Graphic Production, AP Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensic Science, etc. Students will need to sign up for one Occ. Ed. elective during 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.  

Alternatively, the nearby Kirkland WANIC Skill Center offers summer classes for students and many of them can count towards Occupational Education credits. Classes taken through WANIC during the summer will automatically be added to your high school transcript. Students can look for sign-up information in March/April at