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School Profile

The school profile is a document utilized by college admission representatives to understand who we are as a high school. Our profile gives key information about our school, curriculum, programs, and students, in an aim to make sure colleges understand the type of school environment our students have been a part of in their pursuit towards a college education. It also specifically serves to help communicate the higher expectations we have and the rigorous courses we offer. This document is created in September of each school year in preparation for fall and winter college deadlines.


Post-High School Planning at ICS

Just getting started on the process of looking into post-high school planning, but don't know where to start?

A good starting place is Lake Washington Schools Foundation's Find Your Fit page and check out all the neat activities your counselors will be putting on here at ICS.

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(Freshman) 9th Grade Meetings

In late fall, our high school counselor hosts 9th grade meetings.  Topics covered include a 4-year planning timeline, reading a transcript, grades/GPA, personal health and wellness tips, post high school planning and considerations, recommendations for study groups and time-management, best practices, and other important resources to support high school success. Students receive information to bring home and share with parents/guardians.

(Sophomore) 10th Grade Meetings

In winter, our high school counselor visits 10th grade classrooms to give a presentation on next steps in high school planning. Topics covered include, post-high school planning materials and resources, 11th and 12th grade timelines, an overview of graduation requirements and class planning, importance of time management, personal wellness and self-care, and skills, tips, and reminders for high school success. Students will be given a packet of information to bring home and share with parents/guardians.

(Junior) 11th Grade Meetings

Junior meetings take place in March each year. These meetings are an opportunity for 11th grade students to meet with their high school counselor to learn about post-high school planning and senior-year planning. Students receive a packet of information to help them get organized around their goals and be prepared for whatever plan they are looking to pursue. Meeting topics include college and career researching, college application overview, the ICS letter of recommendation process, planning for senior year, and much more.

(Senior) 12th Grade Check-Ins

Once school starts in September, our high school counselor will visit a senior classroom so that students may sigh up to meet with their high school counselor to check-in on individual senior year planning and post-high school planning progress. Your counselor will help you prepare for next steps and share resources for support. These check-ins help ICS confirm that students are prepared for their senior year and are on-track with college and career readiness. Check-ins may include current student planning progress, senior-year timeline, letters of recommendation, senior courses/schedule, etc. Students are also encouraged to meet with their counselor throughout the fall to get help with anything they need in the post-high school planning process. Appointments are reserved for seniors in September.

Virtual College and Campus Tours

Browse colleges and universities via virtual tours with the link below! Each school features a student-led virtual representation of the campus and what the college or university has to offer. This website highlights all kinds of college/university campuses including, liberal arts, art schools, ivy leagues, small and rural, private, public, and more.

Take a Virtual Tour Here

ICS College Planning 2022-2023

The district has many virtual resources available at this link

Thank you to our panelists and facilitator for a great discussion in 2018. View a recording of the session.

Below is the list of resources discussed during the 2018 session:


  • The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2018
  • Colleges That Change Lives-Loren Pope
  • 25 Months Until College-Judy McNeely
  • Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be-Frank Bruni
  • Excellent Sheep-William Deresiewicz
  • How To Raise An Adult-Julie Lythcott-Haims


Post-High School Planning