AP Testing

Advanced Placement 2020-2021 

Advanced Placement exams are in May. College Board has new ordering deadlines, late fees and cancellation fees. To meet the College Board ordering deadlines, LWSD students will register and pay for AP exams from September 1 through end of last lunch on September 25, 2020. More information on registration dates, late fees and cancellation fees is available here.  

**Important Reminder: Payment for AP exams available October 1-30
If you registered to take the Advanced Placement (AP) test in Spring 2021, you may log in now to make a payment. Payments are accepted online from October 1-30, 2020 at https://payments.lwsd.org/. If you need help with online payments, financial assistance or have any other questions, please contact your high school bookkeeper. You can find their contact information and more on the LWSD website at https://www.lwsd.org/programs-and-services/accelerated-programs/high-school-highly-capable.

Students have been preparing all year for their exams. If they are unsure whether or not they should test, students should talk with their individual subject teachers or their school counselor. 

For additional questions regarding AP Testing, feel free to contact our AP Coordinator, Ms. Schwarz at mschwarz@lwsd.org  

AP Testing 2021

AP Testing 2021