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Online Courses and Credit Recovery


All students starting with the 2019 graduation are in need of 24 credits for graduation. Minimally this means passing 6 classes per year in high school at ICS (9th-12th). In many cases throughout high school, students may struggle in courses and receive an NC. To reach a minimum of 24 credits, students will need to make-up classes using credit recovery methods to be able to meet the 24 credit requirement. Below we will give you a little information on our credit recovery process and methods so that we can easily help transition your students if they need to make-up courses.



Summer School

The Lake Washington School District offers an annual summer school opportunity where students can retake specific academic courses. This is an in-class opportunity for credit recovery and revolves around very specific classes, dates, and times each summer at a cost. This opportunity usually is about 4 weeks long during July. Please see your school counselor in May to learn about the summer school option. Summer school classes are automatically added to the student's high school transcript upon completion.



Students can sign-up and pay for classes that match the course they did not pass and complete the course independently from ICS. The district has a variety of approved online programs linked lower on the page. Students who prefer an online option will need to meet with their academic school counselor to submit paperwork to have the class added to their high school transcript. Once an online class is completed, students will submit final transcripts from the online program to their academic counselor. All online classes for transcript addition will need to be completed and submitted by May 15th of students senior year.

The form required for students to transfer online classes onto their transcript is known as Appendix C: Request for Acceptance Out of District Credit. Students are allowed to add up to 3.0 credits of online classes to their transcripts. To add a class, students must first collect the Appendix C form, fill it out, and return it to their school counselor to submit to the principal for approval. Once approved, the student can begin the course. Forms can be found in the student services hallway.

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Students may be able to retake specific semesters of failed classes during their normal school day as one of their class periods. This option can only be used if they have a free period in their day to fit in the make-up class and that it matches up with when the class is offered.

Semesters need to made up during the same semester they were originally taken in. I.e. semester 1 during semester 1, semester 2 during semester 2.

Please see your academic counselor to explore this option.

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