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We will advocate for all students to ensure equal access to educational programs and resources while working to reduce/eliminate barriers that impede students from reaching their potential.


Lis Christiansen Lis Christiansen – Middle School Counselor (grades 6-9), STAMP 



Molly Schwarz Molly Schwarz – High School Counselor (grades 10-12), PSAT, and AP Coordinator



Online Counseling Appointments -

Your school counselors are excited to share our Microsoft Bookings link with you all! Ms. Christiansen and Ms. Schwarz accept virtual appointments with students via Microsoft Teams. Please utilize our ICS Counseling Microsoft Bookings link to find our up-to-date individual availability. We look forward to meeting with you! 

Parents and guardians are requested to email their student’s counselor to setup an appointment for any of the following:
  • Discuss their student’s academic progress 
  • College and career planning 
  • Social/Emotional/Mental concerns 
Please note that we have had a recent shift in caseloads: Ms. Christiansen – 6th -9th grade Ms. Schwarz – 10th -12th grade

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Click on the link below for our YES counselor’s video, which includes answering common student questions.  This one is about coping with social isolation and learning to take care of your whole self. It’s short—just over 3 minutes.  Please watch it!


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30 Days of Kindness Challenge - Journal Pages
In an effort to combat some of the stresses and worries surrounding this time of change, the Character Strong organization is sharing 30 Days of Kindness challenge. These are practical kindness exercises for yourself and others to illicit more positivity, connection, and resilience. All of these exercises can be done at home and will usually only take about 10 minutes or less. Below are the first seven days.

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We are committed to providing a comprehensive program to assist students in acquiring and utilizing lifelong learning and coping skills in order to be pro-active leaders in our society and achieve academic, college/career, and personal/social success.


We strive to serve as advocates for students, allies with teachers, and liaisons with parents. We will work to enhance the overall school climate through the facilitation of a character-driven, collaborative environment in which effective learning and restorative justice can take place.

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