Welcome to our Counseling Center

Welcome back to ICS from the counseling office!  We’ve made some changes to what we do, so please be sure to check out our new roles this year, below, so you can sign-up to see the appropriate person for anything you need. 😊


Lis Christiansen – Middle School Counselor, STAMP, Homeroom/Phoenix Time

Appointment Calendar:

Kelsey Cummings – High School Counselor, PSAT/AP Coordinator, Xello/Career Cruising


Appointment Calendar:   


  1. Please check in at the Student Services front desk when you arrive for an appointment. Our counseling secretary will note your arrival. Please wait there until your counselor is available.  Do NOT walk down to the counselors’ offices without checking in at the front desk first.
  2. If you have an appointment, counselors do not call you down from class. Be sure to remember your appt. day and time. You should also receive a text or email confirmation for your appointment once you have booked one with us. Make sure to let your teacher know that you have a counseling appointment before you leave class.
  3. When your appointment is over, all students will need to take a pass back to class. Check-in again at the Student Services front desk and ask for a pass and be sure to show your teacher you have it when you return.
  4. If your counselor is not in her office when you arrive, please wait at the end of the hall in one of the office chairs; your counselor should return quickly. If you are waiting longer than about 10 minutes, it is possible your counselor was pulled into an emergent situation so please return to class, and we will follow-up with you as soon as we are available again.
  5. If you have a “quick question” for your counselor, please do not just drop-in. Ms. Cummings has drop-in times during lunch. Ms. Christiansen takes appointments during lunch. Please save your quick questions for those times unless your counselor has given you specific permission to drop-in.
  6. If you NEED to come see your counselor due to immediate issues that cannot wait, and you do not have an appointment, you may let your teacher know you are going to the counseling office. The office will give you a pass at the end of the meeting to let your teacher know where you were.
  7. If your parents are going to come to your appointment with you, please have them schedule it via email and/or let your counselor know in advance. The online calendar is only for student use.

We look forward to seeing you!

We will advocate for all students to ensure equal access to educational programs and resources while working to reduce/eliminate barriers that impede students from reaching their potential.


We are committed to providing a comprehensive program to assist students in acquiring and utilizing lifelong learning and coping skills in order to be pro-active leaders in our society and achieve academic, college/career, and personal/social success.


We strive to serve as advocates for students, allies with teachers, and liaisons with parents. We will work to enhance the overall school climate through the facilitation of a character-driven, collaborative environment in which effective learning and restorative justice can take place.



Counseling resources

For Students: How to Schedule an Appointment

All appointments for students will now be scheduled online for confidentiality purposes. Students can click the links below to relocate them to our scheduling pages. For appointments involving parents, please schedule via email with your counselor.

Lis Christiansen
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Kelsey Cummings
Appointment Calendar: https://cummingscounselorappointments.acuityschedu...

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