Mock Trial

General Information

Meeting Times:
Tuesdays & Fridays, 8: a.m. – 9: a.m.
Grade Levels:
Anyone from 9th – 12th grade 
Contact Info: 
Email –

Mock trial


Remote vs. Non-Remote 

Remote Setting:
- Online competition
- Video calls with judges/attorneys
- Strong intergrade relationships
- Virtual team bonding
- Roles: attorney, witness, bailiff, paralegal 

Non-Remote Setting:
- Scrimmages with other teams
- Competitions inside real court houses
- Work time with judges/attorneys
- Movie nights, banquets, etc.
- Roles: attorney, witness, bailiff, paralegal

Why Mock Trial? 

Work with others to help build an argument & to 
execute memorized material 
Lead as either an attorney or witness to help 
your team succeed 
Form intergrade relationships through team 
bonding experiences

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