Associated Student Body (ASB) 

Interested in leadership? contributing to the community? Then ASB is the club for you! ASB, which stands for the Associate Student Body, is the foundation of our school clubs and many of the events run at ICS! By joining, you’ll get to learn about leadership and the behind-the-scenes of school events, as well as participating in the planning process! ASB is open to grades 6-12, and meetings are held on Mondays after school, so see you all there! Please fill out the form below if you are interested in joining the ASB General Assembly. 2Iw-I97BpUOTFRMDVXRElUSlBBNTAzODZZVEIzRjc1OS4u 

Additionally, if you’re interested in taking on a larger leadership role, where you will help facilitate grade events, speak and lead in grade-wide townhalls, and delve into the inner working of ASB, apply to be an ASB Grade senator today! AFs9mE4v5UQURSRFFUQTU4TFZTSkVRMkJVSEdGVUFCVi4u