General Information

Meeting Times:
 Mondays, 4 PM – 5 PM

Grade Levels:
Anyone from 6th – 12th grade

Contact Info:
Instagram - @icsasb
ICS ASB Facebook Page
Email –

Why ASB? 

Lead others through challenges and problems 
while practicing your leadership skills throughout the year! 

Work closely with a wide variety of people across grades 
and become more patient & flexible, learning team building skills. 

Build strong relationships with the ASB family 
and diversify the people you know at ICS.

What do we do? 

Help build the community at ICS 
Run Virtual Spirit Weeks 
Work on Interactive Social Media Content
Create new & fun virtual events 
Make friends & build connections!

Executive Members

President: Esther Lee 
Vice President: Iziash Suklan 
Secretary: Ella Yuen 
Treasurer: Katie Kotler 
Public Relations: Noa Avitan
Senior Senators: Sonia Sheth, Anna Paulsell, Ann Li

Email this contact to inquire about joining