Key points of our curriculum, including National History, Focus Week, and STAMP

Curriculum at ICS

Math Policies and Placement

The ICS math pathway follows the sequence below. Students and parents/guardians who have questions regarding our math placement and math pathway should see their individual math teacher.

6th Grade – 6th Grade Math
7th Grade – 7th Grade Math
8th Grade – Algebra 1
9th Grade – Geometry
10th Grade – Advanced Algebra
11th Grade – Math Analysis
12th Grade – Senior Math (Rotating options may be Calculus AB, Statistics, etc.)

Advanced Placement Courses

Not all AP courses are guaranteed every year and we try to offer as many as we can on an annual to bi-annual basis. AP courses include:

Calculus AB
Computer Science
Studio Art
Comparative Government
English Literature and Composition
U.S. History

National History Day (NHD)

Every 8th grade student at ICS participates in National History Day. Students learn firsthand the value of studying one subject in great depth. Impressive research and meticulous documentation becomes transformed into a dazzling display of skills mastery and learning. Award-winning ICS topics have included Henry VIII's court, the Lowell Mill Girls, the obscenity trial of Allen Ginsberg, the colonization of the Congo, the Tonkin Gulf Incident, and many others. Students learn the benefits of individual research and group participation.



Student Taught Academic Mentoring Program

ICS devotes a significant amount of time to helping student leaders learn the skills they need to help younger students become strong community members. These leadership skills and the community strength that develops through a structured approach all add to the academic experience. Students meet with their assigned peer group for coaching and then use their skills with younger students.


We have a camp experience in the beginning of every school year.