Curriculum Night 2020-2021

Visit here on September 24th at 6:PM for a virtual curriculum night.

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Jennifer Ann Jennifer Ann  
Study Skills (Gr. 7) 
Study Skill (Gr. 8) 
Integrated Science (Gr. 7)  

 Cameron Brandy Cameron Brandy
 Spanish 2 
 Spanish 3 
 Spanish 4 

Lis Christiansen Lis Christiansen

Comprehensive Counselor

 Alex Crane  Alex Crane
 Art 2 (Gr. 8) 
 Studio Art, Modern Art  
 AP Studio Art 2D 
Sonia Del Toro  Sonia Deltoro
Spanish 1 
Spanish 2 
 Bryce FingadoBryce Findago
 Study Skills (Gr. 6) 
 Intro to International Studies   (Gr. 6)
Aleksandra Fraleigh  Alexandra Fraleigh
International Studies 3 (Gr. 9)
International Studies/WA History (Gr. 8) 
 Greg Gibson  Greg Gibson
 AP Physics 
 AP Computer Science A 

Erin HaleyErin Haley

Special Education Teacher

 Meggan Houlihan  Meggan Houlihan
 International Studies 1 (Gr.   7) 
 International Studies 4 (Gr.   10) 
Dana Hsi  Dana Hsi
Chemistry in Earth Systems 
AP Chemistry 

 Randall Huberman  Randy Huberman
 AP Comparative   Government 
 AP Research 
 AP US History

Lauren Jackson  Lauren Jackson
Creative Writing 
Humanities 2 (Gr. 8) 
Humanities 4 (Gr. 10) 
 Chanhee Kim  Chanhee Kim
 Algebra 1 
 Algebra 2 
 AP Statistics 

Taryn Long  
Study Skills (Gr. 6) Taryn Long
Orchestra, Chorus 
World Music, Concert Band

 Hilary MarcacciHilary Marcacci
 Integrated Science (Gr. 6) 
 Study Skills (Gr. 8) 
 Algebra 1 
Timothy McFaul  Tim McFaul
Study Skills (Gr. 6) 
AP Environmental Science 
Biology in Earth Systems 
 Amber Peterson  Amber Peterson
Paul Plank  Paul Plank
Humanities 5 (Gr. 11) 
Humanities 6 (Gr. 12) 
AP Literature and   Composition  
Philosophy and Pop Culture 
 Mark Rayder  Mark Rayder
 Art 1 (Gr. 7) 
 AP/Studio Art 3D Design 
 Graphic Production
Molly Roberts  Molly Roberts
Integrated Science (Gr. 7) 
Integrated Science (Gr. 8)
 Sydney Robertson  Sydney Robertson
 Intro to Humanities (Gr. 6) 
 Humanities 2 (Gr. 8) 
James Snowden  James Snowden
Humanities 1 (Gr. 7) 
Humanities 3 (Gr. 9) 
 Nancy Sullivan  Nancy Sullivan
 Math Analysis 
 AP Calculus 
Lindsey Segall  Lindsey Swezea
6th Gr. Math 
7th Gr. Math 
Study Skills (Gr. 8)
 Chris Vogt  Chris Vogt
 Health (Gr. 9) 
 Fitness (Gr. 6)
Hannah Welsh  
Explore Art (Gr. 6) 
Art 3 (Gr. 9)